Yes, funded from local industry related business featuring alongside your property listings.

Yes, you provide us with a list of trusted local businesses for us to approach regarding the opportunity.

You can choose! Have only your listing available or your listings alongside the full MLS listings for the surrounding local market.

Regardless who the property is listed with, all inquiries will be sent to an email address of your choice.

No, our software automatically updates new listings coming onto the market.

We take care of everything from the install to full tech support at no cost to yourself.

No, we only provide one system per area/town. Working on a first come first served basis.

Yes, it’s entirely free of cost—always. Everything is funded through the display of relevant local advertisers offering carefully selected products and services that align with the needs and interests of your patients.

Yes, you do have control. You can provide us with preferred local businesses for us to approach first, and you hold discretionary veto power over all advertising content.

We do all the leg work. From securing the local community advertising sponsorship to designing content and installation, we have the teams in place to handle it all, saving you time and money.

Of course, they can have as much or as little input as their existing workload allows. This includes any updates throughout the year.

Upgrading to our advanced technology is hassle-free, our team handles the de-installation and disposal of outdated or broken screens.

Not at all! Our user-friendly intuitive dashboard makes it easy for anyone to access the full benefits of our software—no digital expertise, tuition, or exhaustive manuals are required.

No, we provide a complete solution that ensures informed patients in every waiting area with interactive kiosks and/or digital screens customized to your specific needs. We will survey your waiting areas prior to installation to ensure maximum coverage.

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85% of our real estate partners have seen an increase in enquiries within the first month as a direct result of our interactive touchscreen.

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