Interactive Digital Kiosks & Waiting Room Displays for Healthcare

Digital solutions with a personal touch. Improve your waiting room, help desk, or entrance experience, and put the most important information at the fingertips of your patients.

Healthcare Touchscreen Totems

Revolutionize ‘Patient Experience’ with Premier Medical’s Cost-Free, Patient-Focused Interactive Digital Screens & Touchscreen Kiosks 

At Premier Medical, our vision is to enhance waiting rooms through digital interactive solutions that positively impact patients and staff. Embrace a future where happier patients, reduced perceived waiting times and enriched service engagement become the norm. 


& Interactive Kiosks

Enhance Your Patient Waiting Room Experience and Boost Revenue and Education with our 100% Cost-Free, Interactive Touch-Smart Technology.

Primary Care

Urgent Care



Achieve heightened service engagement, reduced perceived wait times, fostering a better patient experience and improved health outcomes.

Interactive Kiosk

The Benefits

Boost Revenue Streams:

Showcase all your services for increased program engagement.

Cost Saving:

Cut spending on digital signage and reduce costs for printed notices and leaflets.

Enhance Patient Education:

Deliver vital healthcare and wellbeing advice to enhance awareness.

Display Current Wait Times:

Real-time updates for an informed patient experience.

Reduce Perceived Wait Time:

Cut wait time perception by up to 35%, enhancing patient experience.

Boost Reviews and CAHPS Scores:

Gather constructive feedback with anonymous patient surveys.

Paperless Waiting Area:

Create a modern, clean eco-friendly space.

Reduce Perceived Wait Time:

Cut wait time perception by up to 35%, enhancing patient experience.

Key Features

Interactive Kiosk Key Features


Features, content, and
branding to match your
unique needs.

Notice Board

Share health info, news,
and events with ease.

Service Guide

Detailed descriptions
of all available services.

Patient Feedback:

Encourage higher levels
of survey participation.

Meet The Team:

Showcase staff
members, bios,
and ratings.


Provide answers to common
questions for quick assistance.

Interactive Touchscreen Content

Screen Saver Content

Interactive Kiosk Key Features 2

Live Ticker Tape:

Fast and easy
real-time updates
& notices, for

Screen Savers:

Eye-catching promotion of
services and health topics.

Information & Advice:

Accessible on screen or
by scanning QR codes.

Commercial Area:

Affiliated health partners
and community business ads.

Customization Without Cost:

Choose the features and award-winning content that meet your requirements without incurring additional costs. Enjoy the benefits of customization without compromise.

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Award-Winning Patient Education

Choose from 2,249 medical videos to help you inform patients and promote services leading to improved health outcomes.

Educate Patients And Market Your Services

Medical content review standards ensure content is current, accurate, evidence-based, and patient-focused. Strong visuals and scripts written at a middle-school grade level help your patients understand healthcare concepts.

Premium Medical Videos For All Specialties

Our award-winning medical videos help you inform patients and improve health.

Customized Marketing Videos

Got a service or program that needs a boost? Our team of creatives are on hand to create eye-catching videos and stills that will engage your audience.

Public Health Videos

Health features, public service announcements, and first-person accounts of people taking control of their healthcare challenges.


Three question play-along quizzes on medical topics.

Medical Touchscreen Waiting Room Displays and Kiosks

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