Touchscreen Outdoor System Installed At Coldwell Banker Coastal River Realty

Interactive Touch Screen Installation

Touchscreen Outdoor System

Coldwell Banker Coastal River Realty 

239 W Main St, Washington, NC 27889, United States

PremMedia recently received a commission to install an innovative outdoor touchscreen system for Coldwell Banker. The entire team at Coldwell Banker, from the owner to the marketing team, was actively involved in the project right from the beginning. We initiated Zoom calls to showcase the cutting-edge system, allowing us to effectively communicate and collaborate with the Coldwell Banker team.

Working With Local Trades

One of the crucial tasks we undertook was curating a comprehensive list of vendors, ensuring that we partnered with reliable suppliers who could deliver the necessary components for the outdoor touchscreen system. We meticulously evaluated potential vendors based on their reputation, quality of products, and ability to meet project deadlines.

Outdoor Touchscreen Location

Another critical aspect of the project was finding the ideal location for the installation of the outdoor touchscreen system. Our team conducted thorough assessments of different areas on the Coldwell Banker premises to identify the optimal placement for maximum visibility and accessibility.

Outdoor Touchscreen Location

Although we encountered a few obstacles during the installation process due to recent staff changes at the Coldwell Banker office, our team quickly adapted to the situation. The new staff warmly welcomed us, and we worked together seamlessly to ensure a smooth installation process. Despite the challenges, we were able to complete the project within our projected timeframe of 10-12 weeks, showcasing our commitment to meeting deadlines and delivering exceptional results. Overall, the collaborative efforts between PremMedia and the Coldwell Banker team, along with effective communication, careful vendor selection, and adaptability, contributed to the successful installation of the outdoor touchscreen system. This project stands as a testament to our dedication to providing innovative technology solutions tailored to our client’s needs.

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