In Window Digital Display Installed at Engel & Völkers Long Beach NY Real Estate 

Interactive Touch Screen Installation

Touchscreen In Window Display

Engel & Völkers Long Beach NY Real Estate

58 W Park Ave, Long Beach, NY 

PremMedia recently approached Engel & Völkers Long Beach NY Real Estate, located in Long Beach, with an innovative proposal. The aim of this proposal was to establish a mutually beneficial partnership between the two entities, leveraging a self-funded program to ensure a cost-neutral installationIn the modern era, technology has permeated nearly every facet of our lives, and the realm of real estate is no exception. Recognizing this, PremMedia proposed the implementation of their cutting-edge in-window system, which would place an interactive display prominently at the forefront. By harnessing the power of technology, this system would effectively showcase Engel & Völkers Long Beach NY Real Estate’s extensive portfolio of properties.

Engage With Property Listings 24 Hours A Day

The envisioned partnership would allow potential clients and passersby to engage with the interactive display, providing them with a unique and immersive experience. By simply tapping or swiping on the display, users could explore various listings, view high-resolution images, access detailed property descriptions, and even take virtual tours of available properties. This innovative solution would revolutionize the way real estate is presented and experienced.

Zero Cost To The Client

Paid For By A Unique Advertising Loop

PremMedia’s self-funded program ensured that the cost of implementing this state-of-the-art in-window system would not pose a financial burden on Engel & Völkers Long Beach NY Real Estate. This mutually beneficial arrangement has enabled both parties to leverage their respective expertise and resources, ultimately driving increased visibility, customer engagement, and potential sales for the real estate agency.

Digital Window Display Partnership

The partnership between PremMedia and Engel & Völkers Long Beach NY Real Estate holds immense potential for transforming the way properties are showcased in the digital age. By harnessing the power of technology and incorporating interactive displays into the real estate industry, the joint venture aims to provide a captivating and immersive experience for clients and prospects alike

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