Indoor Touchscreen Totem Installed At EXIT Realty Home & Ranch – Durango

Interactive Touch Screen Installation

Installed: 50” Indoor Totem
Address: 1032 Main Avenue, Durango, CO 81301
Contact: Nick Johnson

Nick and Kessy over at EXIT Realty Home & Ranch have been communicative whether there has been any feedback or issues regarding the screen. We have overcome some hurdles with this screen since the installation. We have now met some common ground together and have things running a lot smoother for them. The screens have become a great addition to their office and they utilize the screensavers weekly to display their featured properties.

Indoor Realtor Totem

Indoor Touchscreen Installation

The collaborative installation of the 50” Indoor Totem at EXIT Realty Home & Ranch in Durango stands as a testament to seamless teamwork and effective communication between Nick, Kessy, and PremMedia. This dynamic partnership has navigated challenges, resulting in a harmonious fusion of technology and functionality.

Versatile Touchscreen Kiosk For Realtor Offices

The internal kiosk’s remarkable versatility transcends its aesthetic enhancement, serving as a multifaceted tool for clients. It beckons them to explore an extensive array of services and products at their own pace, providing a unique and engaging user experience. This transformative feature proves invaluable for real estate agents, establishing a warm and informative first point of contact, which is crucial for visibility.

Elevate Your Realtor Office

In essence, the 50” Indoor Totem isn’t just an installation; it’s a strategic elevation of the office environment. It not only adds a modern, tech-driven allure but also operates as a highly interactive platform. This dual functionality caters not only to the real estate sector but also resonates across healthcare clientele, showcasing the adaptability and significance of this innovative setup.

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Indoor Touchscreen Totem

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A 50” Totem Screen was installed in a timely manner and was extremely smooth. The internet was rerouted shortly after as it was a little awkward. The system has been operating consistently since the install. We have been working with Justin to ensure that he has
everything he needs at the office in terms of our marketing package. Justin was extremely involved, efficient and thoroughly helpful throughout the initiative.