Outdoor Wall Mounted Touchscreen Installed For RE/MAX Crossroads

Interactive Touch Screen Installation

ReMax Crossroads

Outdoor Wall Mounted Touchscreen System

RE/MAX Crossroads

111 E Main St, Lincolnton, NC 28092, United States

PremMedia recently had the opportunity to meet with Will Poteat, Co-Owner of RE/MAX Crossroads, who expressed keen interest in relocating his business to a modernized office in the downtown area. Recognizing the potential of our outdoor interactive touchscreen technology, we saw this as the perfect occasion to introduce it to Will and his team. After a demonstration of the system, Will quickly recognized its value and decided to incorporate it into the upgraded location.

Outdoor Touchscreen System

To ensure seamless integration, we closely coordinated with the office’s renovation timeline, guaranteeing that the touchscreen would be installed and fully operational by the grand opening. Our collaboration with Will and his business partner progressed smoothly. They obtained the necessary permits for installing the Outdoor Wall Mounted Touchscreen in the downtown area and worked closely with our team member, Leon, throughout the project, ensuring a hassle-free process.

Upon securing the required signoff, we promptly delivered and installed the equipment well ahead of the office opening. This allowed Will to showcase his extensive property portfolio and inform the public about the availability of his new office.

Working with RE/MAX Crossroads has been an absolute delight, and we eagerly look forward to continuing our partnership with them. Together, we strive to provide innovative solutions that enhance their business and further solidify their position in the market.

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