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PremMedical Waiting Room Displays and Information Screens are designed for Healthcare Settings. Achieve heightened service engagement, reduced perceived wait times, fostering a better patient experience and improved health outcomes.

Waiting Room Information Screens

Waiting Room Displays

Transform your patient waiting room experience with our cutting-edge digital screens. These interactive displays inform, engage, and educate patients about your services, effectively reducing perceived wait times. Our innovative smart technology seamlessly integrates into your practice at zero cost, empowering you to boost revenue and patient satisfaction.

By utilizing these advanced tools, you can create a more pleasant and informative environment for your patients while optimizing the efficiency of your practice. Let us revolutionize your waiting room experience with our cost-free solution tailored to enhance both patient experience and practice performance.

Screens Healthcare Settings

The Waiting Room Screen system offers a transformative solution to elevate and enrich the patient experience across a range of healthcare environments, including Primary Care Practices, Urgent Care Centers, Clinics, and Hospitals.

By integrating this innovative technology into your facility, you can significantly enhance patient engagement and satisfaction. Whether it’s providing informative content, real-time updates, or educational materials, our system ensures that patients feel informed and valued during their visit. This seamless addition not only improves the overall atmosphere of your waiting area but also contributes to the efficiency and effectiveness of your healthcare services. Experience the difference with our Waiting Room Screen system, designed to optimize patient experiences and streamline operations in diverse healthcare settings.

Self-funded through our joint partnership program to make the system cost-neutral.

Wall Mounted Screen

Waiting Room Display Tech Overview

Designed to run 24/7 in constant use the display has an advanced temperature control system to keep it running at the optimum temperature no matter the environment.

2500cd/m2 makes sure this display will always be seen whatever the weather. Over 6 times brighter than that of a standard domestic television to improve the displays image clarity.

The screen has the highest intrusion protection rating possible meaning it is virtually impossible for dust to enter the enclosure.

Extra strong glass protects the screens internal components and adds an extra layer of security against vandals.

Diffuses direct sunlight making the display easily readable in bright weather.

Automatically updates for new listings coming onto the market.​

Latest Installs

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Indoor Touchscreen Totem Installed At Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices

Installed: 50” Indoor TotemAddress: 24880 S Tamiami Trail, Bonita Springs, FL 34134Contact: Steve Kolenda The screen at Berkshire Hathaway in Bonita Springs initially was intended to have an external screen installed in the interior of the office. Unfortunately, the wall expected to be used for hanging the screen was not

Indoor Touchscreen Totem

Indoor Touchscreen Totem Installed at Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices – Boca Raton

A 50” Totem Screen was installed in a timely manner and was extremely smooth. The internet was rerouted shortly after as it was a little awkward. The system has been operating consistently since the install. We have been working with Justin to ensure that he has
everything he needs at the office in terms of our marketing package. Justin was extremely involved, efficient and thoroughly helpful throughout the initiative.

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