Dual Touchscreen Installation At Berkshire Hathaway Bay Street Realty – Savannah

Interactive Touch Screen Installation

Installed: 43” Indoor Totem
Address: 5 East Perry Street, Savannah, GA 31401
Contact: Jared Jordan

The installation of a Dual Screen accommodated for the window being able to be replaced. Since the installation feedback has been positive. Though we are looking for solutions to help the Realtor convert the screen to an outwardly facing touch screen. Jared is communicative and involved in the project.

Embarking on a transformative journey, Berkshire Hathaway Bay Street Realty in Savannah underwent a remarkable upgrade with the recent installation of a 43” Dual Screen.

PremMedia’s ingenious integration of the Dual Screen has been met by resounding positive feedback post-installation.

Display Your Live Real Estate Listings

Our involvement transcends conventional installations; it delves into the realm of groundbreaking solutions. Currently in the pipeline is the exciting endeavour of transforming the screen into an outwardly facing touch screen, a development poised to redefine the landscape of real estate presentation.

Rezolutionize Your Realtor Office

As it stands, the office now boasts a high-brightness screen facing outward, showcasing their complete real estate portfolio and approved vendors 24/7. But that’s not all—inside, an interactive touch screen revolutionizes the client experience, enabling seamless searches for the ideal home with just a click. It’s a harmonious fusion of technology and real estate, and Berkshire Hathaway Bay Street Realty stands at the forefront, all thanks to the collaborative efforts spearheaded by our team at PremMedia. What an exhilarating journey!

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